Philip Howard has always been a “chef’s chef”, quietly notching up years of service and influencing the industry immeasurably. His departure from The Square, following its sale to the Marlon Abela Restaurant Corporation (MARC), marks the end of 25 years of consistent recognition for his highly acclaimed cooking at this landmark location.

Phil is now very much back in the kitchen having opened Elystan Street in Chelsea Green, London SW3. Since the opening in September 2016 the restaurant has received phenomenal reviews in the press and has already won many accolades including a Michelin Strat in it’s first year.

Whilst under his tenure The Square held 2 Michelin stars for 17 years. He remains a partner of 6 other London restaurants (The Ledbury, Kitchen W8, Sonny’s Kitchen, Gezellig, Perilla and Lorne) and UNION in Montalbert La Plagne in the French Alps.

In 2017 Phil opened UNION, a small and characterful restaurant in Montalbert, the village where he already owns property. This seasonal restaurants is open from December to April each year and as fast establishing itself as the go to restaurant for the finest food in the area. The aim is simple, as always, to produce delicious food using seasonal ingredients. He is relishing the challenge of this new environment which gives him the opportunity to cook some gutsy, albeit refined, country fare!